Benefit Race


“The Abbey School has given us so much in so many ways. We would like to pass some of this along to other students whom do not have the opportunity and/or financial means for a comprehensive education”.
The graduating class of 2013, along with the students and teachers of the Abbey School Einsiedeln and any other motivated persons, would like to organize a benefit race for Namwala Secondary School under the motto “Six Years – For All.”

Looking Back

Monday June 10th, 2013 we were able to successfully host the benefit race with great weather conditions. Over 200 racers of differing ages gave their best for 20 minutes motivated and supported by cheers from friends and other spectators. After the race everyone was invited to feast on food and drink in the festival tent.

View Race Day Pictures Here

At the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year we were able to give Johannes van der Weijden a check in the amount of 41,000 francs. The raised money will be used for current projects in Namwala. Some of these include: repairing school buildings that suffered severe storm damage, building three new classrooms and installing another photo-voltaic system to ensure a constant power supply.


We would like to extent a gracious thank you to the following people, without them this race would not have been possible.

    • All sponsors for their support of a runner, or their direct donation to support our cause.
    • All runners for their dedication during the 20 minute race and their committment to finding sponsors before the event.
    • Our Principal Mr. Peter Lüthi for all the tipps and suggestions on planning the event.
    • Thanks to Mrs. Astrid Baumann and Mrs. Monika Kälin, part of the school administration, for collecting over 200 donations.
    • To Father Urban Federer for being the go-to person at the Abbey and for clarifying any questions or concerns regarding the use of the Abbey kitchen.
    • Mr. Michele Rod and Team (main Chef and assistants for the Abbey Einsiedeln), for supporting the independent cooking team with tips as well as hands on support and allowing them to use the Abbey kitchen.
    • The cooking Team Retroduktion (Michele Pizzera, Daniela Fischer Robin Oettli, Tobis Estermann and Andreas Huber) from Bremgarten for their honorary work in the kitchen.
    • Mr. Alfred Zehnder and Mr. Anton Rajeswaran Gnanamuthu, who went above and beyond with their support of the food transportation and cleaning of dishes!
    • The many students from the school that assisted with pre-race preparations and cleaning up thereafter.
    • Mr. Danko Horg for being our photographer and giving us such a phenomenal picture gallery.
    • The World Theater company, represented by Mrs. Claudia Capecchi and Mr. Peter Kälin, for the use of the festival tent for the after race celebrations.
    • Thanks to all others that we have not mentioned by name that contributed to the race.

The Abbey School Einsiedeln Graduating Class of 2013

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