Shikaumpa Traditional Ceremony

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The district capital Namwala belongs to the Mukobela sovereign territory. Each year a ceremony takes place to honour Chief Shikaumpa who, according to oral lore, lived in the 16th century. The National Museums Board of Zambia made a Video of the ceremony last year, from which I made a series of pictures, complemented by photos which were taken by Elias Klaey last year. I also added a few pictures out of the almost 100 year-old book The Ila-Speaking People of Northern Rhodesia, which show an astonishing similarity to the modern pictures.
The actual Chief Mukobela, who is very active, also in taking care of the cultural heritage of his people, wrote an explanation of this ceremony, which was published in The Culture of the Baila. A copy is added below.

Shikaumpa Traditional Ceremony von Chief Mukobela

Baambwe from the air
Guests arrive
Amongst other the Minister fort he Southern Province Daniel Munkombwe and District Commissioner Gevar Nsanzya
Traditional Wellcome
Event grounds near Palace
Homemade beer for the Guests
Women and girls give tribute at the shrine of Chief Shikaumpa
Chief Mukobela enters the event grounds with his wife and the District Commissioner Gevar Nsanzya
The invited Chiefs
Women and girls return from the shrine
Warriors’ dance
Women dance accompanied by the drum and encouraged by the Chief and the other attendents
Second day
The cattle is brought to the outdoor event ground
Chief Mukobela enters the outdoor event grounds
The cattle is showed
The warriors with mimic fight
Warriors carry out mimic fights, encouraged by the women
A View 100 years back
The end with a speech of minister Munkombwe
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