Soup Day 2020

Posted in: Switzerland

During Lent, every Friday at the Stiftsschule is “Soup Day”: instead of eating a normal full meal for lunch, the students just eat soup. The money saved in this way will go, as every year, to Namwala Secondary School, the partner school of the Stiftsschule. This year, the action is very well received: 245 students have registered for it, according to the organizer, Father Cyrill.
The proceeds will be used to finance a tree planting campaign: 200 trees will be planted on the school grounds and in surrounding villages. To protect the young trees from animals, each one needs a protective metal cage. They will be manufactured by works teacher Jones Chinkuli and his group of students. These cages can be removed after two to three years and then reused for new plantings.
However, due to the Corona crisis, the school had to close its doors early this year. So the action could only be carried out twice. Nevertheless, Fr. Cyrill was able to transfer Fr. 2286, for which we thank him and all the participants very much.

Tree planting in Namwala has a long tradition and has been maintained since the beginning of the partnership in 2005. The students received the following information about our planting activities in Namwala.

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