Newsletter no. 7

Posted in: Switzerland

Dear friends of Namwala

With the attached newsletter we would like to inform you about the work of the Namwala Secondary School Zambia Support Association during the last six months.

About the Covid 19 situation in Zambia. The first cases of infection were registered more than a month ago. In the meantime, there are officially 88 patients and 3 deaths assigned to Covid 19. These are low numbers compared to the experiences in Europe, America or Asia.  This can have two reasons: on the one hand, the health care system is overburdened, which means that not all cases are registered. On the other hand, mobility in Zambia is much lower than in our country and therefore the disease spreads more slowly. The terrible pictures from the hospitals in Italy, Spain and New York have spread a lot of fear among the population: people feel at the mercy of others.

The school will remain closed for the time being and a date for its resumption has not yet been set. In Zambia there is unfortunately no talk of home-schooling.

We would be pleased if you continue to be interested in our projects and are grateful for any financial support.

With kind regards

On behalf of the Board

Johannes van der Weijden

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