Tree Planting by Chief Mukobela

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The district Namwala consists of 4 chieftaincies, the structure for traditional governing of communities. The district capital Namwala is under the jurisdiction of Chief Mukobela. He is a very active person and represents Namwala in the Chamber of Chiefs. A few years ago, he improved the hygienic situation in his chieftaincy by making sure that every household uses a latrine.

This year he started a new initiative which he described in a mail he sent me in May 2017:



Reference is made the above subject matter.

I have secured Land which is over 10 hectares at my Farm for tree planting. So far, I have planted 400 Gmelina Plants.
This plantation is a contribution towards the measure take to combat Climate Change. This Plantation is also acting as a model of encouraging the communities to get involve in tree planting.

For the above reasons, I am requesting you to help in finding sponsors towards this project so that I will be able to cover the whole lanced reserved and properly protect the existing plants.

Attached are the pictures taken during the planting exercise.

Stay well

Wesley S. Mukobela

Forest Officer Mr. Banda Stanley explains to the public the importance of tree planting and how to go about it

District Agriculture Coordinator Mr. Sikainga Martin explaining the position of Government on Tree Planting

Gmelina tree plant

Chief Wesley Mukobela planting Gmelina tree plant at Chief Wesley Mukobela Plantation in Namwala District

This initiative shows that the awareness of the Global Warming has also arrived in Namwala. Here one can feel the consequences of climate change during the hot season, when temperatures regularly exceed 40 ⁰C, and in December, when extreme strong storms pass the area.

If you are interested in this initiative, it would be a pleasure for me to get you in contact with Chief Mukobela.

– Johannes van der Weijden

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