The mission stations Nkala and Nanzhila

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During my travels in July 2016, I visited Nkala and Nazhila on the search for the physical traces of the Methodists. Previously, I had read the books of missionaries Arthur Baldwin, William Chapman, Kathe Kerswell, Julia Smith, George Butt and Henry Taylor, which made this search for traces an even more moving experience. I restricted myself to especially the pictures that I had made and tried to compare them to the pictures I had found in the previously named books.

Nkala was the first mission and originated from 1893. After the foundation of the Kafue National Park, it was assigned to the Nkala Game Managment Area and is for that reason not inhabited. It is only detectable with a guide who know his way around the area. Clearly legible were the Methodists criteria for their missions: close to a river and on an elevated platform because of the risk of flooding. After some searching, we found the remains of the church foundation, some graves and a small memorial for the deceased.

Nkala river

First church in Nkala

Second church being built in 1908

Remains of the church foundation 2016

Mission house in Nkala

Elsie Buckenham 1896

The cementary of Nkala 1908

Graves of Mrs. Pickering and Elsie Buckenham, 1908

Memorial in Nkala 2016

Gravestone in Nkala 2016

Text Memorial 2016

Graveston in Nkala 2016

Gravestone in Nkala

Die Nanzhila Mission wurde 1895 ist gegründet. Sie liegt ausserhalb des Kafue National Park und ist noch immer bewohnt. Es gibt, wie in den Missionszeiten, eine Kirche, eine Schule und ein Spital.

Nanzhila river 2016

Nanzhila river 1908

First church in Nanzhila 1908 (16°04’38” S, 26°05’14” E)

Remains of the second church 2016

Interior of the second church 1908

Foundation of the altar 2016

Bell, cast in 1889 by Jack Warner from London, who also cast the first Big Ben bell for the Elisabeth Tower in London

Interior of the remaining church 2016

Interior of the remaining church

Remaining church 2016

Mission house 1908

Mission house 2016

Interior mission house

The graves …

… of the children of …

… Edwin and Julia Smith and John and Florence Price in Nanzhila

Plaque for Henry Buckenham in Nazhila

– Johannes van der Weijden

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