Visiting a cattle breeding farm

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The Kafue Flats are flooded every year again and offer, with their vaste green space, excellent premises for cattle breeding, which has been cultivated in the Namwala area since living memory. Moses Kondowe is a former student of mine. He has had a successful career and was director of the cabinets bureau for years. Now, he is retired and owns three cattle breeding farms in the near surroundings of Namwala. We visited him during our stay at the Namwala Secondary School on his farm north the Kafue in the district of Chief Shimbizi. He showed us the traditional „dipping“ of the cattle in a bath containing chemicals that get rid of ticks. After that, he invited the whole group for a traditional meal.

Part of the group with Moses Kondowe

Form 4b 1975, with Moses, standing 7th from the right

– Johannes van der Weijden

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